Text in Homeboys written by the Homeboys (Mason Norton, Evan Michalski, Taylor Norton, Keanan Fox, Hugh Carol), curated and distilled by Hannah Lloyd Rindlaub

Out of no choice but to be together…

Bikes get runover, blood thirsty raccoons meet their demise, eyes blacken, teeth chip, and eventually all prized glassware meets it maker.

This is the love story, or just a nap dream, of “Ye boys from Maine”

I can get lost in this place for some time.

Drunks of love, Local bandits, branded brothers, and barbers.

Hair: As long as I can remember, Hair has been important.

To Bot’s new-found facial fuzz, the Carhartt’s of the future, breakfast sammie’s, anchor brands of every size, shape, and color.

To Mason having the strength to use that oar tat to keep paddlin on; even when the rest of us are simply treading water.

To that day on Jewel when we sailed back with the fog.

I can get lost in this place for some time.